2023 Monsta Classic








NOVEMBER 11th, 2023



When is the event?

November 11th, 2023

How do I register to compete?

Entry fees are non-refundable. $110 per entry and $110 for any additional crossover.  Register Online Here! You can also register in person at Friday check-ins.

When and where are the Check-Ins & Weigh-Ins?

Mandatory weigh-in is at the Comfort Inn, Friday, between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Posing trunks for Bodybuilders are mandatory at weigh-ins. NPC card purchase $125.00 can be paid with cash or check at the weigh-in.

What time is prejudging?

9:00am November 11th, 2023

What time does the Night Show Finals begin?

5pm November 11, 2023

What are the Eligibility Requirements to compete?

All competitors who reside in the United States or Puerto Rico must meet the following requirements: Must have a current NPC card or purchased at the check-in/weigh-in. The new NPC card will be valid through Dec. 31,. Proof of age, i.e., driver’s license or birth certificate is required. All contestants must be 13 years or older on the day of the contest. Men’s Masters, men who have reached 35, 40 and 50 years of age by date of show. Masters Figure — women who have reached 35, 45 and 50 years of age by date of show. Masters Bikini — women who have reached 35 years of age by the date of show. Crossovers are allowed for ALL divisions. To be eligible for the TEEN MEN’S BODYBUILDING/PHYSIQUE competitors must be between the ages of 18 and 19 and must not have reached their 20th birthday on or before day of contest. Teens 18 –19 years older eligible for the open Men’s Bodybuilding/Physique divisions.

NPC card purchase are $135.00 and can be paid with cash or check at the weigh-ins at the Host Hotel

PLEASE NOTE: NPC cards can be purchased during the weigh-ins on Friday, . You can pay with Cash or Check. For those that would like to register online for your NPC card, you now have the option to do so by visiting www.npcregistration.com.

When is the Athlete Meeting?

Athletes will not be permitted to compete unless they have attended the mandatory meeting on Saturday, at 8:00 AM. Prejudging will begin promptly Saturday, at 9:00 AM.

What do I need to know about my music for posing routine?

Contestants should upload music during online registration (preferred) OR submit a flash-drive clearly labeled with the contestant’s name that contains only one song, SONG MUST NOT CONTAIN PROFANITY. Contestants are responsible to have music cued and ready to play. A back-up recording is always a good idea. It is the contestant’s responsibility to pick up his/her music at the evening show. The Monsta Classic, Tony Curtis, Michael Matassa, or the event location will not accept liability for music left behind. Music is only required for Men and Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic, Women’s Physique competitors.

What is the posing time limit?

All contestants will have the opportunity to perform at the Evening Final. Posing routines for the Bodybuilders, Classic Physique and Women’s Physique are limited to 90 seconds.

Do we offer professional competition tanning services?

Contestants can schedule an appointment for competition tanning at The Hot Spot of Sarasota, the official Monsta Classic athlete tan provider. Please click here or contact Alisa Hostettler at 727–403-5180 or [email protected]

Can I get someone to do my competition hair and make-up professionally for this event?

Contestants can schedule an appointment for competition hair and makeup at The Hot Spot of Sarasota, the official Monsta Classic athlete hair and makeup provider. Please click here or contact Alisa Hostettler at 727–403-5180 or [email protected].

How are award placements laid out?

The top 5 in all open classes will receive trophies. The top 3 in all other Division/Classes will receive trophies as well.

How much are tickets and where do I get them?

Pre-Judging Tickets: $20 Admission
Night Show Standard Seating: $30 Admission (Applies to rows 5 and up: Assigned Seating)
Night Show VIP Seating: $40 Admission (Applies to first 4 rows: Assigned Seating)

All show tickets can be purchased in advance by calling Tony Curtis (Promoter) 386-697-6315.

What is the top prize for the Open-Overall winners?:

The Monsta Classic will be presenting the Open Overall Winners of (Mens Bodybuilding, Mens Physique, Womens Figure and Womens Bikini) a custom Championship title Belt. All other over-all Class winners will receive a top-end Sculpted Championship Trophy (Neil Anderson trophies).